Bruxing Appliances in West Edmonton, AB

Night Guard Near You

Grinding your teeth could increase the risks of developing TMJ, tooth sensitivity, tooth wear, or even serious damage to your teeth. Teeth grinding, which is also known as “bruxism” most commonly happens at night. Nightguards are the best way to keep your teeth safe and healthy while you’re sleeping. These are custom-made trays that help prevent your teeth from grinding and also help prevent issues such as enamel damage.

 How a Night Guard Near You are Made

Night guards are custom made from the impressions made of your mouth which are sent off to a dental lab. At the lab, your night guards will be fabricated to fit perfectly over your top teeth while you sleep. Custom night guards not only protect your teeth from grinding but also push your lower jaw into a comfortable position.

How to Take Care of Your Night Guard:

  • After each use, clean your night guard using a toothbrush and cold water.
  • Store your night guard in the case provided by your dentist to prevent any damage and allow adequate air circulation.
  • Avoid washing your night-guard with hot water or exposing it to direct sunlight to prevent its shape from being distorted.
  • It is natural for your night guard to show signs of wear as it continues to be used. If you detect and wear, tears, or hole, contact us to have it inspected.

If you are experiencing bruxism, we recommend contacting a Glenwood dentist near you. At Glenwood Dental, we take pride in offering the best care for our patients and their oral health. A custom-fit night guard will help keep your teeth intact and mitigate the effects of teeth grinding. Our team of experts will examine your mouth and discuss the best treatment for you.

If you have any questions regarding night guards, contact our Glenwood dentist near you, and we will be more than happy to assist you.