Some Things You Should Know About Laughing Gas

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some things you should know about laughing gas

If you are about to undergo a dental procedure that requires sedation, you may have heard your dental team talking about “laughing gas.” This is a form of anesthetic that is safe and easy to administer. Here are a few things you should know before undergoing a procedure that uses this anesthetic.

#1 Laughing Gas is Also Known as Nitrous Oxide

Laughing gas is the commonly used name for an oxygen mixture called nitrous oxide. It is a safe and common form of anesthetic administered to patients through a mask that is fitted over their nose. This anesthetic will not make you completely unconscious in the same way that general anesthesia does; instead, it creates a calm and relaxed feeling. You will feel generally numb throughout your body, but you will still understand what is going on around you and communicate with your dentist as needed during the procedure. Laughing gas is meant to make a dental procedure easier and less stressful for the patient.

#2 Laughing Gas Has Been Used for Hundreds of Years

Medical professionals have been using nitrous oxide as a form of sedation for the last 200 years! It was first discovered by a scientist by the name of Joseph Priestly in 1793 and is still one of the most commonly used sedation methods today.

#3 Administering Laughing Gas is a Simple Procedure

Unlike other methods of sedation, laughing gas does not require a needle or IV to be administered. If you choose to undergo this method of sedation, your dentist in West Edmonton will place a small mask over your nose, and you will breathe in the gas through this mask. By breathing normally, you will absorb this anesthetic through your lungs and immediately feel the results of the sedation. An upside of this form of sedation is that once the mask is removed, the effects will wear off fast!

#4 Nitrous Oxide is Very Safe

When administered by a qualified dental professional, nitrous oxide is considered to be extremely safe and will not cause any harm to your internal systems. The only danger that arises from nitrous oxide is that it can cause some disorienting effects, so if you stand up too quickly, you may fall. Fortunately, these effects only last for a couple of minutes once the mask has been removed, and you won’t experience any lasting effects from the nitrous oxide. You will even be able to safely drive home after your dental procedure!

#5 There Are Many Benefits to Using Laughing Gas

With nitrous oxide, the depth of your sedation can be easily increased and decreased. This sedation method also works quickly and is safe for the brain, heart, kidneys, liver, and lungs. Nitrous oxide is a great option for patients of all kinds, including those with disabilities and dental anxiety.

Options for Sedation

If you are about to undergo a dental procedure that requires sedation, speak to your dentist about options for laughing gas in West Edmonton. Compared to other sedative options such as intravenous (IV) sedation and oral sedation, laughing gas provides the least amount of side effects and is the only method that will allow you to drive yourself home after your procedure. At Glenwood Dental Care, we offer options for laughing gas near you. Please don’t hesitate to contact our clinic today to speak to a dentist near you about nitrous oxide.