Tips For a Smooth Recovery After a Tooth Extraction

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tips for a smooth recovery after a tooth extraction

Your dentist in West Edmonton will always try to preserve your natural teeth. Unfortunately, in some cases, no restoration or treatment can save your tooth. Extractions can be inevitable in some cases when a tooth has been severely damaged or if there is no room to accommodate it. Luckily, tooth extractions in West Edmonton are more common than you think and have a relatively quick recovery. We will discuss various ways to ensure you have a quick and smooth recovery.

After the Extraction

After your procedure, your dentist will place a gauze over the extraction site. If the bleeding persists throughout the day, replace the gauze as needed until the bleeding stops. It’s recommended to rest for the remainder of the day as it will help you recover quicker. When you lay down, try to elevate your head as it will reduce bleeding and be more comfortable.


Ice Packs

Swelling is normal after an extraction. Ice packs can be used to reduce swelling and discomfort. Please ensure you wrap the ice in a towel or cloth to avoid ice burn, especially when the area is still numb.



If your dentist or oral surgeon has prescribed you antibiotics or other medications, it’s important that you take them as directed. Antibiotics are provided to prevent infection and help with healing.


What to Avoid

Smoking, Spitting, Rinsing

After getting tooth extractions near you, it’s essential to avoid spitting, smoking, and vigorously rinsing. These activities can disturb and dislodge the blood clot that has formed or is forming. The blood clot helps protect your wound and promotes healing. If the clot gets dislodged, it can cause a dry socket, which can be extremely painful.


Using a Straw

You should also be avoiding straws for at least the first week or as directed by your dentist. The sucking motion increases the chance of your blood clot dislodging.


Eating Hot or Spicy Foods

You should avoid anything hot or spicy as it can cause discomfort and disrupt the healing site. In addition, hot foods can burn your mouth when it’s still numb after the procedure. It’s best to consume soft foods for at least the first few days. Foods such as yogurt, smoothies, and mashed potatoes are great after an extraction.

After twenty-four hours, you can begin to gently rinse again with a warm saltwater solution to reduce infection and bacteria. When you rinse, ensure you are doing so very gently.

If your pain suddenly gets worse or worsens as the days go by, please contact a dentist near you for a checkup.


Looking for Tooth Extractions Near You?

Tooth extractions are a common procedure. By following these tips and your dentist’s instructions, you will be well on your way to a smooth recovery. Contact our dentist in West Edmonton if you have any additional questions.